A selection of press items relating to projects I have worked on, including publications, exhibitions and talks.

Interview for the Design History Society, May 2022. Read it here.

Interview about Soviet ballet on Monocle Radio, December 2014. Listen here.

Interview for De Gruyter Conversa-tions, July 2022. Read it here.

'Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain' named one of top 10 design exhibitions of the year, December 2014, The Guardian.

Feature on the exhibition 'Bolt', January 2015, World of Interiors.

Feature on the exhibiton 'Bolt', November 2014, The Independent Magazine.

Review of the exhibition 'Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain', June 2014, The Guardian.

Review of the monograph 'Performing Modernism', July 2023, Arta.

Review of the monograph 'Performing Modernism', October 2023, Familia. Read it here (in Romanian).

Review of a talk at the Courtauld Gallery, July 2012, The Telegraph.